Clear Dust Boot for Onefinity, Shapeoko, X-Carve, WorkBee, Axiom CNC router

Router Body Diameter
Vacuum Hose Adapter

This dust boot is specifically designed for Shapeoko, X-Carve, WorkBeeand Axiom CNC. The system is made out of 1/2" clear Plexiglass with a magnetic removable base that holds a transparent flexible screen that allows you to see what you'r cutting/engraving tool is doing. Magnetic base is easily detached for full access to tool install. Design to fit the router size selected and vacuum hose adapter. Distance from bottom of plexiglass plate to tips of screen is 64mm.

Note: This dust boot will fit other CNC machines that have 10-11mm of space between the router body and the gantry.

This design will only work on CNC's machines with routers, for CNC's with spindles with extended collets see Customizable Dust Boot Listing.


Router body diameter:
Makita - RT0701C - 65mm
Dewalt - 611 - 69mm
Dewalt - 618 - 3-1/2"
Bosch - Colt - 71mm
RoutER- - 65mm
Bora - PM-6200 - 4.2"